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About Spotlight

Since 2004 we have been a family owned and operated photography company. We believe in building connections, celebrating the joy of life, encouraging each other and those around us to love and laugh until our bellies hurt. We developed SPOTLIGHT to capture those moments for others. 

We begun photographing wedding. Ahh weddings... the ultimate connection. We absolutely enjoy seizing moments of a wedding from the sparkle of love in a couple's eyes to their first kiss in matrimony, and ensuring those who came to witness the union of love are represented in memory for years to come.


 From weddings our understanding of connection moved us forward to help companies with brand development and grasping company culture with commercial photography. We pride ourselves in our ability to recognize the virtue in every event and every moment we capture to give our Spotlighters a baseline to connect.   

We love our Spotlighters and we aim to make sure every Spotlighter remembers that.

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